Tel Aviv is a very metropolitan city, with some very old neighborhoods.  Today we walked through the oldest Jewish neighborhood built outside of Yafo, Neve Tzedek.  It is a beautiful neighborhood with winding, tiny streets.  The sidewalks sometimes have curb cuts, but not always.  Often Yishai was forced to drive in the street.  In addition, most of the streets don’t have enough room for Yishai’s scooter AND a car.  So the staff needed to stop traffic occasionally.  Ultimately ok, but frustrating and a bit dangerous.


Then we headed to the Namal, the Hebrew word for port.  While this was, at one point, the literal port of Tel Aviv, it has been converted into a boardwalk / promenade covering about 14,000 square meters.  It follows the Mediterranean Sea, sometimes right along the beach and other times the waves come crashing over the guardrails.  But getting a little wet is part of the fun.   Skateboarding, bicycling, and skating are encouraged along the walkway.  There are even little “jumps” for kids to do on their skateboards built into the boardwalk.  As such, it is COMPLETELY ACCESSIBLE!!! And many of the restaurants on the Namal are built without steps and plenty of room to use a scooter.  From early morning to late night, the Namal is always busy and always accessible 🙂