The Ramah Seminar experience strives to give its participants a complete, multifaceted view of Israel, from mountain tops, to below sea level, from Zionists to Palestinians. We met with a group of teenage Muslim Palestinians and broke into small groups to have more personal conversations. They discussed Arabic language, Muslim religion (it’s currently Ramadan and many of the Seminar participants had questions about the holiday), popular singers, and video games. Yishai was discussing a popular video game, Assassins Creed, with the Palestinian teenagers who also love and play this game. Yishai pointed out that it is the only video game where Muslims are the good guys. To which the Palestinian teen declared, “Yes! That’s why we love it. You’re so smart!”

I was excited to watch this cultural interaction in general, but specifically related to Yishai and his disability. At no point did the teenagers ask (or maybe even notice?) his physical impairments. Rather, they were impressed by his intellect and perception.

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